Friday, 27 April 2012

Where should Australia invest in defence?

This 'Reader Riposte' by Alan Wrigley in The Interpreter struck me as somehow - I'm not sure how - important:
Are we to repeat this approach now that the unrewarding Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns — essentially political deployments — are pretty much behind us? The most relevant deployment in the past period was that to East Timor, yet when it came to action we lacked much of the logistical capacity needed, while a lot of other military matériel lay around.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Real Jack Bauer

It has long been the contention of this blog that policing is the future of warfare. The ideal soldier of the future would be a policeman who is also a reservist.

Here's something on that very topic.

The Real Jack Bauer
by Louis DeAnda
Police forces have spent decades combating organised crime with well-practised techniques, but can the same tactics be the key to defeating insurgencies on the front line? Former police officer, federal marshal, and JIEDDO FOX team member Louis J. DeAnda tells Defence IQ how we need to take a holistic strategy to IED network attack...


Gamification is the wave of the future present.

Not one but two talks courtesy of TED:

1. Gabe Zichermann

and 2. Catherine Aurelio